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We are shootday.co.uk , Let us introduce our selves. We offer an up-to date agency , For artist to show their work , Search jobs and hire some of the countries best models and photographers the UK has to offer. Covering all aspects the industry as to offer , Be it from fashion model to alternative model or obtaining that special shot or portfolio from some of the best photographers amateurs and professionals alike , you can find them here. We set up shootday to catch up on the world of “model / photography platforms” as we feel our competitors are out of date , some even 5 years with a refresh and we all know this industry changes like the wind. Why choose us ? Well take a look and see , we offer the best in site security via our built in tech to search those fake profiles , those who abuse members and set up new profiles to do it all again , those days are gone. Do you need a fresh start , A new path to fine where your going , Then look no further shootday has you covered via our team of site moderators and enthusiastic agency staff , We know you will enjoy a safe and productive environment within. Welcome to shootday.co.uk